Herbal incense Jamaican Gold Extreme

Hola, Buenos días Amigos! Here again your Dr.Kräutermischung.

So we start, I’m testing for you today the herbal incense Jamaican Gold Extreme 3g.
Setting: Alone at home Friday afternoon, 13; 15h CET, with 35 cm E. E.. Incense”.
Whant I burn: 0,3g on a cigarette.
On the packaging, many people are dancing in front mapped, the packaging has not changed very much with the previous years here. Only that now stands among them with Extreme   and below is Jamacian Gold is a Potent Pourri, that bag is not resealable again like its predecessors, also … what I really but really can not have it off is just as with so many others, unfortunately, . The consistency is rather medium coarse. From time to elongated thin stems are with the bag but it has its limits.
On the whole, Jamacian Gold Extreme 3g is very economical and can be very long fill with smoke from a sachet.
The scent of Jamacian Gold Extreme 3g is very reminiscent of a cleaning agent. It does not take very long until after opening the packaging of herbal mixture Jamacian Gold Extreme 3g all the fragrance in its fullest beauty unfolds.
Jamacian Gold Extreme 3g has a very chemical smell, but expresses no bit in the air. Very enjoyable!
Approximately 4-5 minutes after the fill with smoke in the Incense” unfolds relatively quickly the full flavor in all its strength, it smells very intense. The initial chemical smell disappears quickly after fill with smoke of incense.
The scent reminds definitely a indica plant oppressive but not tight in the air, it smells very chemically, it smells about 30 minutes after. The scent is spreading very very fast!
Jamacian Gold Extreme 3g is a very strong fragrant incense that convinced me in full line, in terms of strength fragrance and scent life. I can only recommend this incense as they very well is very productive in the fill with smoke and very strong Smells.

Smoky Greetings from the beautiful Franconia Adiós, Hasta la vista!


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